Tissue Grafting

Gingival recession occurs when the gingival tissues creep down the length of the tooth, exposing the root surfaces and making teeth appear longer or taller. Normal, healthy gum tissue should appear scalloped along the shape of the crowns, with a pointed papilla between each tooth. If the gums have receded, the layer of tooth that should not be exposed to external factors is left uncovered and can be prone to sensitivity, staining, and tooth decay. 

Recession can occur due to various factors including periodontal disease, brushing too firmly and/or vigorously, using a toothbrush other than a soft bristled one (anything more than that is too harsh & causing abrasion not only to the tooth structure but the gum tissue as well), acid reflux, tobacco use, genetic predisposition, and accelerated orthodontic treatment. 

To recover the root surface of the teeth with new gum tissue is by a procedure of soft tissue grafting, where donor tissue is transferred to the areas of advanced recession. 

Case A

Before — Lower Front After - Lower Front

This patient presented with a moderate gingival recession in the lower front with little to no attached gingiva present on teeth #22-27. Dr. Findley grafted the area with donated tissue, the after picture was taken a year after the surgery. Nice attached gingiva, & healthy plump tissue was achieved.

Case B

Before After

This patient had localized advanced recession on #27, the lower right canine tooth. There is a 5 month difference between the two pictures after soft tissue grafting was done, & nice attached gingiva was achieved.

Case C

Before — Lower Right Before — Upper Left Before — Upper Right
After — Lower Right After — Upper Left After — Upper Right

This patient presented with moderate to advanced gingival recession in 3 out of the 4 quadrants of her mouth, both upper & lower on the right side & the lower left. Dr. Findley grafted all three areas of her mouth. The after pictures were taken 3 months after the surgery.

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