Dental Implants are the new standard of care when it comes to tooth replacement. They bond with healthy bone and provide permanent support for dental crowns and/or dentures.  Dental implants look & feel like natural teeth & can last a lifetime. A missing tooth can be replaced by dental implant without touching the adjacent teeth. Dental implants & implant retained teeth will help minimize the amount of bone that would be lost in the areas of the missing teeth, helping to preserve natural facial contours. Dental implants are also great to anchor those hard to wear dentures and often times eliminate the need for denture adhesives. 

After an implant is placed, 3-4 months later to allow the implant to integrate with the bone, a post (or abutment) is attached providing support for your final crown. 

Case A

Final panoramic film with fixed dentistry in 3 separate segments in the upper arch with TEN implants. SEVEN implants are present in the lower arch with fixed detachable prosthesis. Clinical view of the non-removable fifteen unit bridge placed in the upper arch. The fixed prosthesis is totally implant supported.
Mirror view of the semi-permeant screw in implant supported lower prosthesis. This prosthesis can only be removed by a dentist. The screws are used to attach the teeth to the implant abutments or posts. Final clinical view of the upper fixed crown & bridge in place. Maximum comfort, function & cosmetics-all three have been achieved.

Case B

As seen on the panoramic film, this patient has no back teeth support on the lower arch. Clinical view with implants in place & healing collars on. Two implants were placed on each side for a total of four implants complete in a one-stage surgery. Clinical view of the final right side complete with custom cast yellow gold abutments (posts), topped with the permeant high noble crowns, after 4 months from implant placement.
Final clinical view of left side. Final panoramic view with implants, abutments, & crowns in place; giving the patient second molar occlusion & fixed bath teeth support for increased function.

Case C

Pre-op photo of #30, with moderate recession & a fractured root surrounded by infection. The root fracture resulted in extraction & bone grafting of the site to prepare for implant placement. Clinical view, 3 months after extraction & bone grafting. Mirror view of #30 implant placed with healing collar.
X-ray film of #30 implant placed with full bone integration. Custom cast yellow-gold abutment (post) shown on the model. The post is screwed into the implant with a gold screw. Shown on the model is the all ceramic porcelain crown that is seated on top of the custom abutment for the final restorations over the implant.
Final crown in place over the implant; therefore we replaced the missing tooth without touching any other teeth.

Case D

Clinical view with the front 4 teeth missing & a resorbed ridge. Panoramic view with 3 implants placed to replace 3 out of the 4 teeth, strategically placed to build off of. Temporary provisional removable restoration that was fabricated for use during the healing process.
Retracted clinical view of final bridgework in place. Palatal view with fixed crown & bridge in place. (No other teeth were involved) Final bridgework in place. (Non-retracted view with moderately high smile line)

Case E

Where's the implant? Extraction and bone grafting #10. Implant #10 placed.
Implant, custom cast yellow gold abutment, and crown over implant #10. Implant #10 placed. Implant #10 placed.

Case F

The porcelain abutment is placed in the implant approximately 2-4 months after implant placement. During the healing time the implant is bonding with the bone. A temporary post and crown replaces it. This x-ray shows the implant bound to the bone, plus the post in place and the crown cemented. Note the implant, the post, and the crown stand individually. The beautifully esthetic porcelain crowns are now completed on all upper four incisors.

Case G

Failing bridge on the lower right. Failing 3 unit bridge #31. Failing 3 unit bridge #31.
Extraction and bone grafting done on #31. Extraction and bone grafting done on #31. Two implants are placed on the lower right to take place of the old bridge.
Two implants are placed on the lower right to take place of the old bridge. Implants placed on the lower right #30, #31 area with healing caps (one stage surgery). Custom cast yellow gold abutments placed prior to crowns over implants #30, #31.
Full gold crowns are placed over implants #30 and #31. X-ray with abutments (posts) and crowns over implants #30, #31.

Case H

Retracted view of #9 with an existing porcelain crown & a root fracture. Patient did not want to touch any other teeth, & decided on a single implant for replacement. Extraction and bone grafting of #9. An implant is placed in #9 site after the bone graft has matured for 3-4 months.
#9 implant in place with healing collar. Then we will wait 3-4 months to allow implant to integrate into bone and then finalize. Custom cast yellow gold abutment (post) is screwed into the implant and the final crown is cemented on top of the abutment. This x-ray shows the implant bound to the bone, plus the post in place and the crown cemented. Note the implant, the post, and the crown stand individually.
Final view of #9 all ceramic porcelain crown seated in place over the implant & abutment.

Case I

Un-retracted view of patient with tooth #12 missing and affecting her overall smile. Mirror view with #12 missing. This tooth had previously been extracted and bone grafted. X-ray of #12 implant in place.
Mirror view with #12 implant and healing collar in place. We allow the implant to integrate with the bone for 3 to 4 months before the final phase is complete. #12 all ceramic crown on model. All ceramic porcelain crown and custom cast yellow gold abutment seated over the implant. This gives the patient back her smile without having to touch any other teeth.
Final panoramic x-ray with implant, custom cast gold abutment, and all ceramic crown in place.

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