Removable Partials & Implant Supported Over Dentures

Besides implants or bridgework, another solution to replace missing teeth, often several at a time, is through partials. Partials are made up of one or more porcelain teeth attached to acrylic that is gum tissue color that has clasps that hook on to other teeth. Partials are used to restore your smile, and allows the patient to chew more easily & with greater comfort; providing the patient with cosmetics and function. 

Dentures are used to replace whole arch dentitions, with two types being regular dentures and overdentures. Regular dentures are especially great for the upper arch of a patient because of the suction from the palate. However, the lowers rarely stay put because of the horseshoe design of the lower arch. Thus is a case for an overdenture, which is implant supported denture that “snaps” into place by use of locators or a gold bar. This stabilizes the denture holding it firmly in place without the need for denture adhesives. Dentures are also used to provide the patient cosmetics of replacement of teeth along with the chewing power needed to eat & digest foods. 

Case A

Patient presented with an edentulous lower arch with the problem of keeping his lower denture in place. Dr. Findley placed FIVE implants & topped them with a gold fabricated bar. Mirror view with the gold fabricated bar in place giving the denture an anchor to hold down on.
Lower semi-permant cast vitalium metal-base over denture. Lower semi-permant cast vitalium metal-base over denture.

Case B

Retracted view of the upper arch, 3 implants with locators were placed to anchor the left side of the patient’s partial. Retracted view of the lower arch, 2 implants were placed to anchor the right side of the patient’s partial. Tissue side of the upper premium metal base over partial with horseshoe design that leaves the palate open. Therefore we have a better fit and feel for those with a gag reflex.
Top view of the upper premium metal base over partial. The front teeth are strengthened by vitalium metal backings. The lower premium metal base over partial is anchored by 2 natural teeth and 2 implants. Tissue side of lower premium metal base over partial.
Final panoramic x-ray with remaining teeth and 5 implants in place. Retracted final view with both upper & lower premium over partials in place.

Case C

Retracted clinical view with two teeth missing on the patient’s upper left. The two teeth missing on the upper left side is not only affecting this patient’s smile but also their chewing function on that side.
Retracted view with the teeth replaced by means of a premium metal base removable partial. Upper premium metal base partial replacing #11 and #12, thus providing superior support, function, and aesthetics.

Case D

To stabilize the two canine (eye) teeth & the lower partial, a gold bar was fabricated & welded onto the sides of each crown. The premium metal base partial that replaces 11 teeth on the lower arch. The inside of the premium partial is lined with vitalium metal for superior strength & comfort.
Close view of the lower front 4 teeth replaced by the partial. The gold bar & the custom cast clasps on either side help stabilize & secure the partial in place. Mirror view of the partial in place with all teeth replaced for better function & cosmetics.

Case E

Mirror view of the two custom cast precious metal unilateral gold bars. Six implants were placed utilizing gold bars on the upper arch with gold clips and plunger attachments. This view illustrates the metal-base semi-permanent prosthesis with no palate. This design has tremendous anchorage and eliminates or decreases the gag reflex. The cosmetic appearance of this implant supported overdenture is very natural. Function and cosmetics are at an optimum level compared to a conventional upper denture

Case F

Pre-op model of patient’s lower arch, with only 4 teeth present. We fabricated a custom cast vitalium metal base removable partial that anchored onto the 4 teeth that were present with custom cast clasps. The lower anterior teeth are strengthened by vitalium backings, for superior strength and support.
Tissue side of the lower premium partial, supported with vitalium metal base. Mirror view with the lower partial inserted, replacing 10 missing teeth for improved comfort, function, aesthetics, and digestion. View of the lower front 4 teeth replaced on the partial for improved cosmetics.

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