Extraction & Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is used to prepare a site for dental implants that are needed to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Bone, in an area were teeth have been lost, naturally shrinks or resorbs over time. As a result, new bone must be grafted in order to create a perfect site for placing implants, as it aids your body in regenerating lost bone. A prime example is when extraction is needed to remove a tooth, after a removal there is an empty socket left, bone grafting is then needed to fill the socket & grow bone over the next 3 to 4 months. After growth the site is now ready for implant placement. 

Case A

Clinical view of patient’s lower right 3 unit bridge with infection surrounded by the last anchor tooth. Panoramic view showing the previous root canal done on the last anchor tooth & infection indicates root fracture; thus the need for an extraction. Clinical view of the site once the bridge was section & the infected tooth removed & bone graft in place.
Panoramic view showing the bone graft granulating into the socket of #31. Soon the site will be ready for implant placement. X-ray film with #30 implant placed after bone grafting. #30 all ceramic crown with pontic (false tooth) at the 2nd bicuspid (#29) to replace the patient’s previous bridgework that had failed.
Final panoramic x-ray with implants, abutments, & crowns in place. Therefore we gave the patient back her molar occlusion & fixed back teeth support for increased function on the right side.

Case B

Retracted clinical view, showing the gum boil at the apex of #8. X-ray film indicating the root fracture at #8. The patient wanted single tooth replacement by means of an implant so extraction & bone grafting was necessary. Retracted clinical view, showing #8 extracted & bone graft in place.
Panoramic view, showing the bone graft granulating into the socket of #8, & soon will be ready for implant placement. X-ray with #8 implant and healing collar in place. #8 Titanium implant with a healing collar placed in the recently bone grafted site.
Yellow Gold Custom Cast Abutment (post) that is placed & screwed into the implant to support the crown. This x-ray shows the implant bound to the bone, plus the post in place and the crown cemented. Note the implant, the post, and the crown stand individually Final retracted view of the all ceramic crown placed on top of the abutment.

Case C

Retracted clinical view, #10 had broken off at the gum line & was temporarily cemented in until a treatment plan was finalized. X-ray film, showing the decay under #10 crown & the fracture all the way across. The patient has recently had the crowns to the left of the tooth replaced & to the right was a 4 unit bridge, meaning the perfect choice was a single tooth replacement in the form of an implant. First needed was extraction & bone graft to prepare the site.
Palatal mirror view of the site with #10 extracted & bone graft in place. X-ray film, 3 months after the graft was placed, showing nice mineralized bone in the socket. X-ray with implant #10 in place. Patient was referred back to general dentist to complete the custom abutment and crown.

Case D

Retracted clinical view, #3 is seen with advanced buccal recession exposing the roots & decay under the crown. Mirror view of the occlusal of #3. X-ray film of #3 showing the decay & previous root canal therapy. There was no option to save the tooth. In order to keep the patient in 1st molar occlusion and her ability to chew on her right side, an implant was needed.
To prepare the site, #3 was extracted & bone grafted. X-ray with implant #3 in place. Panoramic x-ray showing the implant 4 months after placement. The patient was referred back her general dentist to complete the custom abutment and crown.

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