Crown & Bridge

If you are missing one or more teeth, one might notice a difference in chewing & speaking. A bridge is a non-removable way to replace those teeth missing with artificial teeth that literally “bridges” the gap where the teeth used to be by attaching to the adjacent teeth crowns. Which also restores cosmetics, and give the patient back their smile and function. 

Case A

Before—Very thin & fragile teeth that could not withstand the bridge work that needed to restore cosmetics and function, thus extraction of 5 teeth were needed. Panoramic x-ray showing implants and final crown & bridge work in place. Three implants were surgically placed to provide anchorage for the final bridge work. After—Non-retracted view of the final bridgework with all 6 front teeth replaced.

Case B

Before—#25 had a periapical abscess/infection due to a fractured root which needed to be extracted. 4 unit all ceramic porcelain crown & bridge. After—#25 was replaced with a 4 unit bridge, seen with the final bridgework cemented in place.

Case C

Before—Front retracted clinical view. Before—Left side Before—Front retracted clinical view.
Before—Front retracted clinical view. After—Non-retracted view with final crown & bridge seated. After—Non-retracted view with final crown & bridge seated.
After—Non-retracted view with final crown & bridge seated.

Case D

Before — Old bridgework (left side) combined with recession and color differences as well as old white fillings (right side) that are breaking down, need the protection and aesthetics of crowns. After — New bridgework and crown across the front 6 teeth in place. After — Close-up view of all 6 all-ceramic crowns.

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