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Our Commitment to You

Dr. Carl Findley LogoOur commitment is to keep every patient well-informed of the progress in current techniques with the highest degree of professional skill and ability. Our dedicated staff members work hard to answer questions fully and care for your dental needs at a high standard. Our goal is to provide patients the best in care, skill and judgment. Quality in dentistry is always the result of sincere intention, diligent effort, purposeful direction and wise decisions. It often represents the prudent choice of different alternatives.

Practice Philosophy

Our primary dedication is to the preservation of oral health. We attempt to achieve this goal in the most pleasant and effective manner possible. We believe in using any and all methods possible to prevent disease, and where it has occurred, to treat it in the most thorough manner possible with the objective of saving the natural teeth.

What Our Patients Should Expect Of Us

  • Kind and considerate treatment in pleasant surroundings.
  • Constant upgrading of equipment and instrumentations. 
  • Constant post graduate study to keep abreast of the most modern techniques in dentistry.
  • Respect for our patients’ time in scheduling appointments. 
  • The very best we have to offer in care, skill, and judgment.

What We Expect Of Our Patients

  • Cooperation in the carrying out of instructions relative to treatment of preventive dentistry.
  • Respect of other patients, as well as our time, by being prompt for appointments.
  • Realize that all x-rays or other diagnostic procedures are necessary to achieve our objective of the best dental health for you.
  • Take care of fees for services when due, or as agreed upon at the beginning of treatment. 
  • Being good “Dental Missionaries” when the appropriate occasion arises so that we can have other nice patients like you.

Lack of communication causes more problems among people than any other single thing. We want to serve you in the best possible way and we welcome the opportunity to discuss any part of our relationship with you. We hope that reading this will enable you to have a better understanding of what we are trying to do and how you, as one of our valued patients fit into the picture.

A Quick Word from Dr Findley

Thank you for choosing our office to care for your dental needs. We will strive to make every visit pleasurable. Our staff is devoted to making your experience enjoyable and our procedures are designed for your comfort. We take great pride in our ability to render the finest dental services.


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